After writing more than 30 posts on my short form blog, I think I’ve reached my peace with how far I took b3, for its paradigm probably wouldn’t fit microblogging (or tumblelogging, if you fancy) particularly well, and Baudot[1] works just fine for what I need, and is quite easy to iterate upon due to its small codebase.

Besides I don’t blog much anyway, which also makes me feel sorry for not having anything more worthwhile to express here. Hopefully this at least answers some questions about what I’m doing now.

Posts on here will continue, but only whenever I find something to say. My recent opinion dump on Superliminal came the closest to being worth a blog post of its own but the tumblelog prevailed and I trimmed my thoughts down. It was barely not long enough to feel at home here, but just slightly more verbose than usual over there.

Have a nice day.