Hello World

Well then. Here we are.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a blog. There has been more than one occasion when I wished I had one, but, alas, I didn’t.

I suppose that’s set to change now. I’ve gleaned just enough inspiration to push this thing over the edge, and you’re reading the result of that now.


Due to the fact that every web developer must go through the process of writing their own CMS at least once, here we are, I’ve done it now. Right now it’s little more than a static site generator (as is the trend), but I do intend on giving it some dynamic smarts à la Movable Type.


I’ve noted a trend lately where people who write their own CMS[1] from scratch often don’t include support for feeds. I can understand that since the number of people who use feeds for subscribing to sites has been dwindling ever since social media has become the conduit for internet content, but I want to buck this trend as far as I can.

RSS and feeds in general still remain the plumbing of the Internet, and large companies who aren’t really keen on the freedom of information circulation that feeds provide still keep the plumbing running, even if the system itself appears to be frozen in time since 2010 or so.

Hence this site has a proper JSON Feed and an Atom one from the get-go.


There are many blogs out there, most of which just contain long-form content. I’ve been having some thought experiments on how to better share content of other kinds, and I hope for this blog to eventually be an avenue for that.


On the basis that most of these blog-like things built by software engineers tend to be open-source, I suppose I have no choice but to follow. So the source for this site is hosted on Github, to where it is mirrored from a private Gitea instance.

When the platform becomes more dynamic, I won’t be able to persist all content to the Git repo, but I’ll strive to keep the underlying tech open regardless so it may find some use elsewhere.