I'm sure Twitter's Bluesky initiative has been debated to death, but I wanted to highlight a couple of external commentary.

Bluesky, while potentially ambitious and overdue, still seems to be half-baked in the current state. I can only hope that Jack isn't serious about blockchain, and I wish for either ActivityPub or (perhaps, one can dream) Atom/RSS to form the basis upon which this is built, but I can't hold out high hopes.

The problem-at-large seems to be with the paradigm of social networking in general. Though it has its upsides, I personally apparently can't coexist with them in a healthy way so for me the only route to success is to refrain. Which is what I've been doing, apart from this write-only medium I have here.

Still, it'd be nice to see Twitter going somewhere with this. I've dumped enough hate on them and I hope the technologist within Jack prevails and effects the power that 2006 Twitter had but took away from the developers at first chance.