On Lee Holloway, one of the cofounders of Cloudflare.

It's scary to think about diseases of the brain and the way that they disrupt the things what makes you you, at least in the scientific sense of observability. Having observed a relative going through a form of dementia really shakes one up, especially knowing that it might affect you or someone you dearly love someday in the future.

It's wishful thinking to hope that it won't happen, though hope is all that one can currently have.

Alas Lee didn't live to see the technology to immortalize your selfness before starting to "lose" it, and perhaps I won't too, and certainly many people I love won't, though I wish that CGP Grey is right on this one.

Sure, this raises the question of what even is self in that context, as relayed in the Wired article as well. But perhaps that's a topic for a different time or medium.