BitTorrent Protocol v2 is something that appeared on my radar today. BEP 52 is still a draft but sounds like there's already major support behind it.

It's a minor improvement, mostly related to switching the hash function to SHA-256 and cleaning up some internals. But it's still nice to have.

See y'all in the swarm.

Edit: Why not IPFS? Because it's more tech than UI, and simple features that have existed since time immemorial in BitTorrent are still kinda pending implementation in IPFS clients. The paradigm is indeed nice (or nicer?) in some regards, but BitTorrent is good enough for most use cases and has a huge backing by tons of different projects, use cases and experience, as well as being arguably more focused and having better performance in practice.

I hold IPFS folks highly for all they've tried to do, but I don't want a content-addressable replacement for the Web, I just want a P2P file distribution system. IPFS is trying to solve more problems than that.