This accessibility dissection of Flutter Web is quite telling.

Though I've heard good things about how it helps making apps on Android and stuff, I've never seriously considered Flutter to be a contender for being a good web citizen.

This, perhaps, illustrates a deeper problem: it's hard to tack on web support for any technology post-facto. React Native came from React, which was made for the web first; going the other way seems to yield poor results akin to compiling your native app to WebAssembly and just drawing its contents on a canvas.

* * *

If we consider the web to be overly complex, as I do, then we must consider that it is not one thing for everyone anymore. The Web is a network of applications, documents and experiences. And weaved among them is really good by-default support for accessibility features.

If we go to a new Web effort, this is a thing that we must keep by any means necessary. Gemini hits a nice sweet spot where it shouldn't be in any measure overly complicated to implement accessible support for text/gemini documents, though I'm left to wonder how this could be supported for out-of-band content, such as images, which can only be linked to and not included in the document itself. HTML has the alt attribute; Gemini has, at best, the custom title. (Though not like alt is set accurately all that often, at least not until a certain subpopulation of internet users became aware of it and certain social networks decided it's high time to make efforts for the same.)