I'm wondering about whether to cross-post the content on here (and the inevitable next generation of shortform that's cooking slowly) onto another platforms. I wouldn't mind having a bit of a conversation about the things I put here, but at the same time it's deliberately obtuse to an extent because I like obtuseness and perhaps I don't want to be seen.

The whole idea of this page came from Filigree (which used to exist at filigree.app but hasn't for a year or so by now) which had comments. I'm not sure I want comments directly, but allowing for Webmentions could probably be a start, which then could be moderated before being visible.

I'm also reminded of the medium of Telegram Channels, where in 2017-2018 I used to have a sort of predecessor of shortform in a way. That medium has a different feel once again which I've also intended to recreate, but that would mean throwing this codebase away and starting anew.

* * *

Sorry, I'm rambling again. Feel free to get in touch or whatever. I'd love to hear y'all's thoughts on this.