Related to the previous post, I wanted to go off on a tangent about how the passing mention of RSS listed it as a dead technology is both false in that I know most of the readers of this shortform blog are doing so through syndication, and true in that the general public has no idea about RSS or its legacy. I didn't, and instead went to read the piece itself, which was more appropriate.

The remark at the end is surprisingly apt. RSS is dead, but syndication lives on. But yet, this blog being non-syndicated to general social media is now my unintentional political statement, in that I refuse to be a part of the social media oligopoly, even if that means an eternity in obscurity.

Were I looking for a solution, I think I would be sorely disappointed. Communities like IndieWeb concede by giving social media syndication a catchy name, which is in turn too a concession that you're willing to give up the freedom of your audience just for the sake of increasing its numbers. I don't instead mind adding some friction; if the ideas are good, they'll spread, if not, I still get to talk to myself like a crazy person.

I suppose it's just spite, and this isn't practical in many ways. But yet it's nearly 11pm and I feel sorely disappointed in the world, so I'll let this be my emo moment for the month.

I haven't decided yet what this means for the now-probably-not-forthcoming ActivityPub format for this site. I suppose I'll just keep it my margin notes for now and not syndicate with the Fediverse directly.

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